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          IJIN MARINE LIMITED is China’s leading world service contractor in Shanghai. In over 3000 ports of 80 countries, we supply, repair, inspect, in-water serve your ships. In our database, we have more than 3000 suppliers to cooperate. We did cooperate with most of them well in the past four years. Meanwhile, we are an agent to connect foreign service stations and Chinese makers of life raft, life boat, VDR and other marine equipment. We help to approve stations worldwide on behalf of makers.  And we are a reprensentitive in China for many foreign shipyards.  We help shipyards to market them in China. We exist not to only make money, but to resolve clients’ problems, in shipping industry. This mission makes us develope well and grow up quickly. So far more than 60% of Chinese ship owners use our service regularly. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



Tel:+86-21 68650065
Mob: +86-150 2663 6864
Add: Bld B,Thomson Center,No.188,Rd Zhangyang,Lujiazui,Shanghai,200122,China

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