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This is the most comprehensive type of inspection and is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel. We provide thorough vessel inspection. Vessel’s hull, machinery, rig, service systems and equipment are examined by competent surveyors in order to report conditions found. Findings are recorded in a clear and detailed report along with detailed recommendations.

These surveys should include, where possible, inspection of hull out of water, structural integrity and water-tightness of the hull, rudder and steering gear. This will also include the condition of the cathodic protection, and an examination of the machinery, electrical, propulsion, fuel, sewage and other on-board systems. A sea trial may be conducted, where practical too. The nautical items, cosmetic appearance, and an assessment of the overall level of maintenance will be evaluated. The mast and rigging, when stepped, shall be inspected to the ‘head height’ only. The Survey does not provide an opinion on the condition of those parts of the vessel which are covered, unexposed or inaccessible nor the areas or spaces not presented / visible; for example behind linings, beneath fixed cabin soles or floors etc.

A typical Pre-Purchase Condition Survey Report is based on the day the vessel was inspected not the day the report was written or issued. Inspection will probably take not less than one day. It is unlikely that it will take less time, even for smaller boats. It is possible that inspection of a vessel with complex systems or larger ships will take longer.


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