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Ijin Marine Limited is regularly appointed by various clients to conduct On-Hire (Off-Hire) Condition and Bunker Surveys. These are conducted on board the vessel at the time of On or Off-Hire or as close thereto as reasonably practical.
These surveys include the following:
• Inspection of the condition of all cargo holds, weather decks in the way of the cargo handling areas, and cargo cranes/gear to establish a base line for damages which may occur during the charter period.
• Sounding of all Bunker Fuel tanks including Heavy Fuel and Marine Diesel Oil. The amount of fuel onboard at the time of survey is then adjusted for consumption and/or fuel oil received to determine the fuel on board at the time of on or off-hire.
• A Bunker report is provided to the vessel at the time of survey. This report is signed and certified by the attending Surveyor, the vessel's Chief Engineer, and the vessel's Master.
• These surveys conducted on container vessels normally include an inventory of cargo securing gear.
• A full report is issued which includes the vessel's condition, photographs, and the bunker figures.


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