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Wherever your vessel is, we can serve effecitively and efficiently. Our advantange is that we can underwater repair your vessel in almost every port. If in Houston time doesn't permit, we can do it in Miami or any other port which is more convenient. Or if you are very sensitive to price, we can get the best price in Asia including India, Singapore, Korea,etc. What we can provide is not only repairing service, but a complete solution everywhere in this planet.


•Underwater Welding
•Underwater Cutting
•Underwater Grit Blasting
•Aperture Blanking
•Propeller Blade Repair And Cropping
•Bilge Keel Cropping
•Bow Thrusters Repair
•Rudder Repair

•Sealing Stern Tube Glands
•Blank Off Sea Chests (Suctions And Discharges, Etc.)
-To Facilitate Repairs Inside Vessel
•Zinc Anode Replacement
•ICCP And Cathodic Protection Shields Replacement
•Echo Sounders And Speed Logs Replacement
•Locate, Assess And Repair Underwater Oil Leaks
•Repairing Damage By Underwater Welding And Patching Or Steel Plate Insert By Means Of Cofferdam And Crack Arresting
•Large Stock Selection Of Intake Blanks And Discharge Plugs
•Fabrication Of Custom Blanks In Hours


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