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To ship owners, we provide inspection service of below. Our partners are approved by the most important manufacturers of Lifeboats and Davits. So you don't need to locate where the service provider is. We are just here to support you.

• Lifeboat Release Gear Replacement
• Lifeboat /Rescue boat Davit Inspection Annual and five year inspections
• Expertise and repair
• Lifeboat /Rescue boat Maintenance and refurbishment
• Original spare parts (OEM)
• Lifeboat /Rescue boat and davit load test with Up To 50 T Water Bags
• Technical support
• Training of vessel crew
• Certification for service engineers
• Service contracts Inboard & Outboard Engines
• Accommodation Ladder & Gangway Load Test
• Low Location Light System (LLL)

The most important manufacturers of life rafts as:
• All Viking series liferaft, immersion suits (Danmark);
• Fujikura, SUMITOMO, MITSUBISHI (Japan)
• Samgong Industrial Co. Ltd - Samgong SG-F, SG-SV, SG-D (Korea);
• Shanghai Star Rubber Products Co. Ltd - CSM (China);
• Shanghai Youlong Rubber Products Co. Ltd - Youlong (China);
• Shanghai Haian Lifesaving Equipment Co. Ltd - HAF (China);
• Shanghai Huaxiang dacheng Rubber & Plastic Co. Ltd - (China)
• Jiangsu Haining Marine Equipment Plant of China - NHF (China);
• Yantai Huayang Rubber Product Co. Ltd - "Huayang" HYA, HYB, HY-Y, HY-YJ;
• Ningbo Jiangdong Ruanshi lifesaving Equipment factory - CRVF-A, QJF-B, QJF-B, QJF-YJ
• Hydrostatic Release Unit Service & Service Area. (Hammar H20, Stainless Steel Type)

In China, we are the only agent serving foreign life saving stations. We can help to get approvals from Chinese life raft, life boat and davit makers. 
For most life boat and davit makers, we build connections between them and you. If you are a service company hoping to get approvals from Chinese makers below, we can help.

Life boat and davit makers
Changzhou Jianghai F.R.P. Ship-Speed Boat Factory
Huai An Huai Yin Maritime Machinery Co. Ltd.
Jiang Su She Yang Saifute Marine Auxiliary Machinery Plant
Jiangsu Jiaoyan Marine Equipment Co, Ltd, China
Jiangyin Neptune Marine Appliance Co. Ltd (China)
Jiangyin Norsafe
Jiangyin Wolong Frp Boat Co., Ltd.
Jiangyin Xing Cheng Marine Machinery & Jiangyin Hongkang Machine Building Co. ,Ltd
Jiangyin Xinjiang F.R.P. Co., Ltd.
Jiangyinshi Beihai Lsa Co Ltd (China)
Jianyin Marine Equipment & Manufacture Co., Ltd
Nanjing Dongshen
Ningbo Asian Frp Boat Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Ningbo New Marine Lifesaving Equipment Co,. Ltd
Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd
Shanghai Jiangnan Boat Building Co., Ltd
Sheyang Oceangoing Marine Auxiliary Co., Ltd.
Wu Xi Hua Hai Marine Equipment Factory
Wu Xi Wenjiao Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Factory
Wuxi Dongwu Marine Equipment Co., Ltd.
Wuxi Haihong Boat Making Co., Ltd.
Wuxi Hiahong Life Boat Making Co.Ltd (China)
Wuxi Xingsheng Gear Case Factory
Zhejiang Hengxin Ship Equipment Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Yingpeng Marine Equipment Manufature Co., Ltd.
Zhenjiang Dh Marine, China
Zhenjiang Just Marine Equipment Co .Ltd (China)
Zhenjiang Marine Auxiliary Machinery Works, China
Zhenjiang Siyang Diesel Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Zhenjiang Vanguard Co Ltd (Chinese)
Zhenjiang Henjiang West Marine Equipment Co., Ltd

Life Raft Makers
Jiangsu Haining Marine Equipment Plant
Jiaxing Rongsheng Life-Saving Equipment Co., Ltd
Ningbo City Jiangdong Life-Saving Equipment Plant
Ningbo Haifeng Life-Saving Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Ningbo Jiangdong Ruanshi Lifesaving Equipment Factory(Crv)
Ningbo Neptune Life-Saving Equipment Co., Ltd
Ningbo Zhenhua Life-Saving Equipment A/S
Shanghai Hua Xiang Dacheng Rubber&Plastic.Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Cunhong Marine Lifesaving Appliance Co., Ltd
Shanghai Dacheng Rubber Co., Ltd
Shanghai Haian Lifesaving Equipment Co., Ltd
Shanghai Huaxiang Dacheng Rubber & Plastics Co., Ltd
Shanghai No.4 Rubber Factory
Shanghai Star Rubber Products Co., Ltd(Csm)
Shanghai Youlong Rubber Products Co., Ltd
Yantai Huayang Lifesaving Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Yantai Huayang Rubber Product Co., Ltd


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